Lost Vette Members

While it’s actually not clear on how to become a member of Lost Vette Brewing, the following individuals have made their way onto the list for their hard work, support, and/or other contributions:

  • Eddie “The Neighbor” Baldwin
  • Bill “The Oasis” Goin
  • Billy “The Sampler” Goin
  • David “The Whirlpool” Greer
  • Eric “The Cooler” Jones
  • Jerry “The Cleaner” Lacy
  • Chet “The Chaparral” Marder
  • Mike “The Grainmeister” Moses
  • Barry “The Iceman” Mullins
  • Bobby “The Driver” Phipps
  • Lonnie “The Controller” Smith
  • Steve “The Meistermind” Steinheimer
  • Garry “The Cauldron” Thornburg
  • Mark “The Manufacturer” White
  • Haley “The Traveler” Wilson




Interested in becoming a member or getting your hands on some rare, and very cool, Lost Vette Brewing SWAG…  Contact us and we’ll see what we can do… but no promises.