2006.12.22 – The Brewhaus is Officially Opened

The Brewhaus is Officially Opened With family and friends present, the Brewhaus is officially opened with a beer tasting and ribbon cutting ceremony!  The completed Brewhaus! The Brewhaus is set up for opening night. Opposite angle of the Brewhaus on opening night.   It’s ribbon cutting time! The ribbon is cut with Mike & Mark […]

2006.11.05 – LoVe Aventinus Brew Session

LoVe Aventinus Brew Session With four brewing sessions on the Sculpture under our belts, Mike and I decide to brew a clone of one of our favorite beers. A German Doppelbock. Yes, this was what we attempted to brew on our very first brew session using the sculpture. This time we hit all our numbers […]

2006.09.30 – American IPA Brew Session

American IPA Brew Session Mike the ‘hop head’ Moses finally convinced me to go bitter! This was a big beer and it had an IBU rating of 68. We affectionately named it LoVe Hoppy Ale. This one didn’t stay around long either!  Recipe – Ingredients, and Mash Profile. Recipe – Mash steps, carbonation profile, and […]

2006.09.25 – The Brewhaus is Completed

The Brewhaus is Completed It was finally time to toast all the hard work putting the Brewhaus together. Here is Mark in his White Rock Marathon Finishers T-Shirt christening the Brewhaus with a cold beer!  Mark christening the Brewhaus! … and I join in the fun! Picture from the backyard.

2006.09.03 – Third Brew Session on the Brew Sculpture

Third Brew Session on the Brew Sculpture In preparation for the opening of the Brewhaus, Mike and I brewed an Irish Red Ale. Designed from one of my favorite recipes, this beer was called LoVe Red Ale. Let’s just say it didn’t last long!  Red Ale Recipe – Ingredients and mash profile. Red Ale Recipe […]

2006.07.01 – The Second Batch is Brewed on Brew Sculpture

Second Batch Brewed on Brew Sculpture As the Brewhaus continued to be built, brewing also continued on the Sculpture. Based on our experience with the first batch, Mike and I made a few adjustments and then brewed an American Wheat. We called it Sculptured Summer Ale. It turned out to be a very nice beer […]

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