03.25.2006 The Brewhaus concept gets serious

While Mark and I had talked about the idea of a metal building at the end of my driveway, the idea really didn’t take shape until Mid-march.  Mark and I spent time with his engineers and the city to make sure we could design something that would meet city codes.  I could not build a completely enclosed garage at the end of my driveway because of a sewer easement.

Several drawings were created, and later presented to the city, to show the ideal solution with a one car garage and a collapsible carport to allow access on the easement. These two images are the final engineering drawing.  One shows the layout of exactly where the garage and carport were built.  The other drawing shows the detail around the hinge for the collapsing carport.

The foundation before pouring concrete…

The framing materials arrive…

The siding arrived and was attached rather easily!

The foundation before pouring concrete…

… and after the framing was completed.

A view from the ‘patio’ with the siding complete.

… and the foundation after it was completed.

Even without the siding we needed to have a party!

A view from the back with siding complete.